Baltic Fleet started getting air defense systems S-400


The Baltic Fleet has begun to receive new sets of air defense (AD) S-400 "Triumph", told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, a senior staff of the Baltic Fleet.

Thus, he confirmed reports by some media that the end of the year AD Baltic Fleet will receive two divisions of S-400.

"The first trains with appliances (S-400) has come to the Baltic Fleet," — said the source.

He said that for the development of new technology on the ground in the Astrakhan region Ashuluk go one part of the military defense of the fleet.

To date, Russia deployed the first and only air defense regiment, which are armed with S-400. This regiment was stationed in Elektrostal near Moscow. The second regiment in the near future will be deployed in the Moscow suburb of Dmitrov, terms of intercession on alert constantly postponed. Until the end of the year in Moscow to be deployed third regiment of S-400.

Anti-aircraft missile system S-400 is designed to engage all types of aircraft — aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles. The system has the ability to work not only in the air, but in the near space, perform the tasks of a non-strategic missile defense.

On the effectiveness of the defeat of the full range of air targets of S-400 "Triumph" is able to replace the three systems S-300. "Triumph" is intended to replace the S-300 and S-200 and increased effectiveness in the fight against new types of targets — aircraft, made using the technology of Stealth, small-sized cruise missiles and ballistic missiles, whose range does not exceed 3, 5 thousand kilometers, and speed — 4.8 kilometers per second.

"Triumph" has unique characteristics and is unique in the world. It can simultaneously track 300 targets and fire missiles 36 of them.

S-400 "Triumph" entered service in the spring of 2007

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