Baltic shipyard started building oil barges

Press-service of JSC "Baltic Shipyard" reports that on January 18 specialists of the plant started cutting metal for 4 non-self-oil barges. The contract for the construction of the barge was signed between JSC "Baltic Plant" LLC and "Contour" in November 2010.

HULL workshop, in which the cutting of metal, is today one of the most modern plants of this type. It is combined with an indoor warehouse steel and equipped with modern automated equipment, through which the performance of the work korpusozagotovitelnyh increased three-fold compared with traditional methods of cutting, improved working conditions and reduces harmful effects on the environment.

Metal cutting — an important first step in the beginning of the construction barges. Recall that the barge intended for transport of petroleum products with flash point of 60 ° C and above, including those requiring heating. Navigation area — inland waterways and marine areas for non-powered cargo ships, where the thickness of broken ice does not exceed 20 cm Since 1959, the plant built more than 40 tankers.

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