Baltkran: another container crane for Rostov

Baltkran put another container crane to the south of Russia, which in recent years has delivered more than 20 cranes.

Shirokoproletny crane will take its place in the intermodal terminal in Rostov-on-Don in connection with the further expansion and modernization of the loading platform. He will perform various operations on container handling: unloading w d and road transport, sorting and stacking containers in the warehouse. Perhaps the maintenance of two modes simultaneously.

Excavator will be g / n 41t under spreader and two consoles with working on the flight 8m. The width of the bridge will be more than 50 meters Operating temperature — 40 to +40 degrees Celsius. Delivery is scheduled for the second half of 2012.

The crane features high performance and fault tolerance. It will be equipped with a trolley with an effective anti-sway containers in the form of a hard rope well. Electric spreader will provide automatic capture of containers and their turn at 360 degrees for installation on the w / e platform of "door to door". The electrical control system developed by experts Baltkran and provide smooth movement of the crane, trolley and accurate positioning of containers.

At the beginning of 2012goda was commissioned container crane on rails to intermodal terminal in the city of Nalchik. Crane lifting capacity 41t, span 32 meters and 8 meters on two consoles.

Also in the first quarter of this year was completed installation and commissioning of rotating gantry crane g / n 12.5 m with 35 m boom in Minsk, Belarus. In 2010 he was commissioned container crane g / n 35t on the largest container terminal in the city of Brest, Belarus. In 2012 in Belarus was put shirokoproletny gantry crane g / n 12.5 m, width of the bridge over 60m, 8m on two consoles.

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