Baltkran put another gantry crane to the Urals

Company "Baltkran" will supply gantry crane in Buzuluk, Orenburg region.

The crane is designed for handling metal sheets and pipes on the basis of logistics. Crane capacity of 12.5 tons, a crane boom — 30 m runway length will be 180 m current feeder tap — cable drum with flexible cable. Motor control valve based on frequency converters provide smooth movement and energy savings.

The crane is designed to operate at temperatures from -40 ° C to +45 ° C. Ergonomic operator cab, equipped with a system to maintain the microclimate, will provide a comfortable and efficient work of the crane. Also on tap is provided logger load parameters with the information about the weight of the cargo.

Delivery of the crane is scheduled to end in 2011. Installation and commissioning of the crane in operation will produce technical service specialists "Baltkran." In just the last 10 years by "Baltkran" manufactured and sold about 20 different types of cranes for the Ural region.

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