Bank performance of IntelLeks marks the decade transition to the new kernel.

The company "IntelLeks", the developer of one of the first Russian OLAP-systems "Bank performance of passenger services", said the release of the new decade of her release. At present JSC "Russian Railways", where the system is widely used for the analysis of passenger traffic, is preparing the migration of "Bank of indicators" to a qualitatively new kernel.

"Bank rates" is OLAP-system, through which the Department of passenger traffic of "Russian Railways" OJSC, "FPC" and a number of subsidiaries of JSC "Russian Railways" reports are compiled and analyzed the data of the passenger traffic. The system automatically generates both standard and custom reporting and analytical documents, analyzes and builds performance predictions using a set of specialized tools. The introduction of "Bank of indicators" has allowed dozens of times to reduce the time of administrative documents.

Since its introduction in 2002, the system architecture and the technology used practically have not changed. And although the "Bank performance" continues to adequately cope with the problems, it is clear that modern technologies of database and development of user interfaces (including the use of web-interfaces), supplemented by their own innovative ideas can bring the system to a new level.

"We expect about a 10-fold reduction of time for report generation, improving the accuracy of the results and flexibility in the creation of new forms of reporting and analytical calculations" — shared his predictions head of information-analytical applications JSC "IntelLeks" Leonid Maksimenko.

Development of the new release "for Bank" was conducted by specialists of "IntelLeks" in the past two years. Currently the system is being tested on the current real data of passenger facilities.

Before the migration to the new kernel the main trend of the evolution of "Bank of indicators" was to increase the number accumulated in the system generated management reports and their components. For example, when creating a consolidated budgets of "FIC" system collects 35 different reporting forms containing more than 000 W of various indicators.

Typically, the life cycle of such solutions is 5-6 years. The possibility of "Bank of indicators" flexibly tuned to the needs of the business allowed him morally obsolete for over 10 years.



The history of the project.

Before the advent of the "Bank indicators" reports from the road and the official sector statistics in the Department of passenger transport MPS stored as separate prints. Very often, for reporting invited employees of passenger related departments, so as to work on the reports lacked specialist, owning a computer is good enough.

Since 1999, the Department began the introduction of passenger transport information-analytical system "Bank performance," designed for data storage and analysis. The system was innovative, and despite the support of the leadership was perceived by users skeptical. In commercial operation "Bank indicators" was introduced only in June 2002, but by that time the system has managed to gain the trust of users and prove its reliability.

While in domestic organizations were used, at best, simple databases. In contrast, the "Bank indicators" contained an additional analysis unit, which allows the application to build forecasts and reports. Materials reports stored in the database in the form of figures and documents formed the pattern, which greatly increased the speed of the system.

In early 2007, developers have joined the program set of "IntelLeks." "Bank rates" has received an improved interface, increased speed of the complex. The authors have added the possibility of the formation of large-scale requests for thousands of indicators, the construction of complex reports on several roads over a long period of time.

"Bank rates" has managed to become a successful project in JSC "Russian Railways" due to orientation to the analysis of business processes, ease of installation and use, and the speed with which you can extend the functionality. For example, the creation of an application under the key, depending on the complexity, the developers take from one day to one month.

In analyzing the system takes into account not only the standard for passenger transport performance (passenger, trip distance, average mileage of cars), but also a number of external factors, such as quality of life, macro-economic and demographic indicators.

"Bank rates" is also used as a convenient and modern instrument training. Shortly after the start of commercial operation of the system was transferred to the Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT) to train students in the Faculty of "Economics and Organization of production control."

"Bank rates" is not only applicable to the railroad industry, but also in any other where necessary to analyze and forecast the business processes with a large number of parameters.


The company "IntelLeks" ( Is a leader in the market of software development for rail transport. Among the projects of the automated system ETRAN, which are made 100% of rail freight in Russia, and the electronic platform "Passenger transport", including online ticketing service for long-distance trains. The company "IntelLeks" several times been awarded the "Partner of the Open Joint Stock Company" Russian Railways "in the nomination" The best supplier of IT solutions, "is nominated for the" Golden Chariot "in the" Project of the Year of Russian transport industry. "

Open Joint Stock Company "Russian Railways" (JSC "Russian Railways") one of the three world’s leading railroad companies. The main direction of the company’s business activities are freight and passenger traffic. JSC "Russian Railways" was established by the Government of the Russian Federation of September 18, 2003 number 585. The company’s mission is to effectively meet the market demand for transportation, increase competitiveness, achieving financial stability, implementing the principles of social responsibility and a deep integration into the Eurasian transport system.

Open Joint Stock Company "Federal Passenger Company" (OAO "FSP"), a subsidiary of OAO "Russian Railways", engages in business activities from April 1, 2010. The company carries out the following activities: transport of passengers in domestic long-distance and international communication, passenger services, maintenance and repair of rolling stock. 

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