Base chair RVC in MIPT launched its first educational program

Launched in autumn 2011 base department of JSC "Russian Venture Company" at the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute (MIPT) has launched the first educational program. This is a required course for the fourth year of the Faculty of innovation and high technology (FIOT) and optional course for students of other faculties.

The course "Developing and launching technology project (start-up)" are Sergey Arkhipov (MIT MBA) and Anna Nenakhova ("VTB Capital"). It is developed by analogy with a similar course at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and is aimed at developing students’ practical skills in the development and launch of technology projects. Under the guidance of coaches MIPT students will be acquainted with the principles of the organization of high-tech projects, the sources of their funding, prepare a business plan for your own project. They will take all steps starting innovative startups — from concept to project presentations to investors. In the course of about 60 students enrolled, they formed 10 project teams (for a similar course at MIT is usually recorded about 90 people).

Igor Agamirzian, head of the Chair for the RVC in MIPT and CEO of Russian Venture Company:
"When Russian companies are trying to build a business based on high technology, a serious problem for them is the lack of professionals able to manage the research and development needed to create new products and technologies within business processes. Such experts should have as a fundamental scientific engineering training, and a wide range of managerial skills and competencies. This shortage of personnel is systemic, as the targeted training of personnel is not conducted. Therefore, the Russian Venture Company offers this course as a way of closing the existing "gap" of the market. "

Since its inception in 1951, MIPT it maintained a tradition of involvement undergraduates in real research projects. This is in part based departments that were previously created in academic research. RVC supports this tradition: students of the course "Developing and launching technology project (start-up)" will not engage in "toy", and the actual start-ups. To create a "combat conditions" project teams the opportunity to participate in contests leading technology start-ups, "Business of Innovative Technologies 2012" (on this course, a special channel BIT-MIPT), 100K MIT Entrepreneurship Competition and the MIT Clean Energy Prize.

The course will be continued in two semesters (fall and spring 2013), during which students will work on assignments (an internship) in a venture capital fund management companies established with the participation of the RVC, and R & D-departments of Russian corporations. The master’s program base chair RVC in MIPT is dedicated to the theme of the organization and management of the corporate R & D and will also use elements of practical work of students in specialized structures.

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