Bashkir poultry complex opened a second production line

May 15 opened the second line of the Bashkir poultry complex after Mazhita Gafuri Meleuzovskiy in the area of the country. This eight chicken houses on 93,500 heads.

The implementation of the investment project started in 2007. With the completion of the first phase of the Bashkir poultry farm was producing 6,345 tonnes of live weight of turkeys, and the second stage will soon reach a level of 11 570 tonnes. 

As the investors are just around the corner and the completion of the third stage — instead of the planned 2014 it can be completed a year earlier — in 2013, and the complex will reach its design capacity of 30,000 tonnes of turkey meat.

Particular attention is paid to environmental protection measures: a complex Ekozashchita, including sewage treatment plants, invested more than 300 million rubles.

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