Bashkir Power Grid Company completed the largest

energy project in 2011-2012

JSC "Bashkir Power Grid Company" delivered to the operating voltage built air-cable line (ON) of 110 kV "backwater — Krasnodonskaya" and completed the reconstruction of the substation "Krasnodonskaya" 110/10/6 kV.

This was preceded by pilot operation ON and new equipment in the substation for 72 hours, which is the final part of the complex works to put into commercial operation. Routine tests confirmed the design reliability and security of both power units. Thus was completed the implementation of the largest project in the power sector of the Republic of Bashkortostan, carried out in 2011-2012.
Within two years of LLC "Bashkir Power Distribution Networks" led the reconstruction of the substation and the construction of an underground cable section ON "backwater-Krasnodonskaya", LLC "Bashkir Grid Company" — the construction of the air ON and over the river. White. This work was carried out by subsidiaries of "Bascom" in accordance with the Scheme and the program of development of the power of Bashkortostan for 2012-2017, approved by the Government of the Republic in December 2011. Reconstruction of the central substation and construction of ON are a continuation of the complex work started OJSC "Bashkirenergo" in 2010 and aimed at reducing the deficit of electric power 110 kW in the capital region. This increases the reliability of electricity supply in the central and southern parts of the city of Ufa, it becomes possible to connect new customers and network infrastructure development. Completion of this project will realize the full potential of the backbone and the substation "backwater" 220/110/10 kV entered into commercial operation in December 2010. She is now fully able to provide power from 220 kV to 110 kV network power center of Ufa.
The SS "Krasnodonskaya", located at the intersection of Boulevard and Ibragimov Street. Parkhomenko, completed outhouse area of 400 square meters. meters Here are the cell equipment number 15 and auxiliary facilities for the staff. During the reconstruction of the substation equipment updated: 46 replaced obsolete circuit breakers with manual transmission to the modern type of RAP motor drives and installed 8 new, removed 12 obsolete oil circuit breakers with replacement with modern electric gas and additionally installed 2 new switch, two cells are replaced by current transformers 110 kV, 12 transformers installed additional cells in cell number 15 is installation of 110 kV busbar. Also installed a fire alarm system and ventilation.
From an engineering point of view, the construction of 110 kV ON "backwater-Krasnodonskaya" became one of the most complex projects Bashkir networkers. The length of the aerial part of ON was a little over 6 km, crossing the river. White — 0.4 km. Investments of "Bascom" in the construction of this part of the ON totaled 86.3 million.
Cable portion ON 2.7 km long starts near the railway station and then passes on the steep right bank of the river. White, crossing the railroad tracks, numerous surface and underground communications, neighborhoods with dense buildings and infrastructure. For this reason, in laying the reserved exclusively horizontal drilling, which allowed the power companies do not break the rhythm of the businesses and residents not to cause any inconvenience. The work of laying the cable line and the reconstruction of "Krasnodonskaya" cost of "Bascom" in 324 million.
Investment size of "Bascom" in the energy infrastructure was 410.3 million rubles.
PS "Krasnodonskaya" 110/10/6 kV was put into commercial operation in 1992 and has become one of the first Russian high-voltage substations closed with increased reliability and resistance to adverse weather conditions. Is one of the key substations Ufa, ensuring high reliability of power supply of consumers. In 2010, the energy supplied by the voltage cable line 110 kV "Ibragimovskaya — Krasnodonskaya, I, and II circuit" with the branch of the SS "GLP-1" and thus ring the deficit to Ufa six 110 kV substations — "Krasnodonskaya", "Ufa- South "," GLP-1 "," embankment "," Ibragimovskaya "," Glumilino. " PS "Krasnodonskaya" and ON "backwater-Krasnodonskaya" also became the links for the transmission of electricity from the backbone of 220/110/10 kV "backwater", which was commissioned in late 2010, and in the future will become an energy bridge for the transmission of electricity and Ufa CHP-5 — the main investment projects in the energy region of the end of XX — beginning of XXI century.

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