BDK Russian unloaded cargo in Syria unknown

According to the newspaper Al-Habbath News this weekend Russian large landing ship "Nicholas Phylchenkov" came to the port of Tartus. The correspondents of the newspaper managed to find out from the Syrian army soldiers that were unloaded from the ship "Russian trucks" (approx. Tb that way in the newspaper).

Large Landing Ship "Nicholas Phylchenkov" in the Strait of Bosporus June 17, 2013.
Photo Kerim Bozkurt

What could it be for the goods exported and whether it outside the Russian E & P Tartus no information. Yet we know that, apparently, Russia resumed regular flights to Syria BDK. For example, it was reported that on June 20, two Russian BDK passed through the Dardanelles from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea.

Earlier, the Russian authorities have repeatedly hinted that they are willing to put in Syria, C-300. Including passed the information that they are already there. Meanwhile, Russia has repeatedly stressed that at the moment they are not yet in the position the army of Syria.

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