Be-200ES is fully consistent with the requirements of the Interagency Committee on aviatankeram U.S.

Beriev Aircraft Company. GM Beriev Forest Service received a report of the U.S. Department of Agriculture for the first phase of tests amphibious aircraft Be-200ES to meet the requirements of the Interagency Committee on aviatankeram (ICA) to U.S. delivery systems and fire extinguishing liquid discharge, the press service of the company.

The tests were carried out on the basis of JSC "Beriev Aircraft Company. GM Beriev "in Taganrog, Russia, and included ground testing of special fire fighting equipment (SVS) amphibious aircraft Be-200ES and a series of flights with waste water at a specially engineered landfill. During flight experts U.S. Forest Service Protection was evaluated the effectiveness of the SVS and the identified geometric dimensions and the coating fluid, and the density distribution of the deposition on the fluid wetted surface area at various draining procedure.

In addition to the American side in the trial also attended by experts from the All-Russian scientific and production of aviation employment in the national economy (NPK "PANH"), which is a developer of specialized equipment and technology and the continuous application of an experimental aircraft in various sectors of the economy.

As for fire fighting amphibious aircraft Be-200ES can be used as water reservoirs are typed in at planing speeds, and deliver on chemical fire retardants, refueled in the tanks at the airport, respectively, evaluation of the aircraft was carried out as in the embodiments amphibians, and "land" aviatankera.

"According to experts Forest Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, amphibious aircraft Be-200ES and its system of tanks is fully compliant with the ICA to multi-engine amphibious fire-fighting aircraft in the performance of water intake for gliding", — the press service of the Beriev Aircraft Company. GM Beriev.

At the same time, they noted that the current configuration amphibian aircraft Be-200ES does not fully meet the requirements for multi-motor overland aviatankeru. It is therefore necessary to modify the system slightly SVS and continue testing to verify compliance with the requirements of the ICA to aviatankeram.

"Obtaining the approval of the ICA is part of an overall strategy of JSC" Beriev Aircraft Company. GM Beriev "to promote amphibian aircraft Be-200ES to foreign markets and, in particular, to the U.S. market. The basis of the U.S. fleet of aircraft firefighters are converted former military vehicles produced in the 50’s — 60’s of last century. In connection with an event in recent years by a number of flight accidents and disasters caused by worn-out aircraft, the issue of updating the cardinal fire aviation in the United States considered at the highest level ", — the company said.

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