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Performed the rite of consecration of the Big Kronstadt Naval Cathedral, marking the completion of the restoration of the temple of glory of the Russian Navy.



Cathedral of St Nicholas the Wonderworker, the patron saint of the Russian army and navigation, again shines with gold domes and, like a lighthouse, showing the way to all vessels arriving in the northern capital. In capacity is second only to Moscow Cathedral of Christ the Savior, and is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Kronstadt Naval Cathedral is considered one of the most important shrines of the Navy and is still on the balance of the fleet. Temple-monument to all the sailors who died for their country, conceived in the nineteenth century in honor of the 200th anniversary of the Russian Navy. The author of the project — Professor Basil Kosjakov completed it in 70.5 meters high, in the likeness of the Cathedral of St. Sophia in Constantinople. The facade has been decided to oblitsevat brick with terra-cotta, decorate granite plinth and pillars portals with majolica and mosaic. Public Building Committee headed by Vice Admiral Stepan Makarov.

The newspaper "Journal of Kronstadt" wrote one hundred years ago: "This stunning new Naval Cathedral will be at the same monument navy officials as on the interior walls can be read the names of all the figures, covered themselves with glory and brought benefits to the Motherland. Thus, This temple-monument will link the past, present and future of the Russian Navy, the eternal witness of the proceedings, knowledge and deeds, which served as the glory of the motherland. " On the monument under the arches were engraved the names of 12,000 Russian sailors who did not return to his native shores for whom prayers are offered daily.

After the Revolution, the cathedral was closed, it had a club and a cinema hall, and then the museum. It is only since the 1990s, with the direct participation of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II and the first vice-mayor of St. Petersburg, Vladimir Putin began to be adjusted in the church parish life. But the building was in poor condition, and the 2000s began the restoration. First — cosmetic, in time for the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg, but the chain, at first glance, a casual, but very symbolic incidents prompted a more serious attitude to naval shrine.

In August of 2002, when installed on the dome of the cathedral fell seven-meter gilded cross. Some saw this as a bad sign. Meanwhile, His Holiness Patriarch Alexy II said that the dangling rope assembly — an example of ordinary negligence human, stressing that any act necessary to create not just a rush of individuals, and desire spiritual and temporal power of the Church, and to restore the naval shrine in all its glory. The next state of emergency had happened in 2005, when the south aisle of the church came back to haunt the old floors and went cracks on the walls. As a result, government, church and secular, following the parting words of Alexis II, have combined their capabilities and in 2009 to really take up the revival of the cathedral. Spiritual protection work has provided His Holiness. Coordinated the efforts of the State the current presidential envoy to the Central Federal District Alexander runaways.

The abbot of the Naval Cathedral archpriest Svyatoslav, making prayer under the arches of the restored, once said: "We are reviving the majestic creation of our ancestors. It is like a forerunner of future spiritual revival of Russia. With the new force ever more clearly manifested the original meaning of the Kronstadt Naval Cathedral of St Nicholas — to be the main church of the fleet, a monument of all generations and spiritual core of Russian naval ideas. "

Today the cathedral is presented in all its grandeur. Suffice it to mention the recreated iconostasis length of 23 and a height of 10 meters. The current restorers managed to fully replicate the idea of Basil Kosyakova who performed the heart of the cathedral in the Byzantine style. Altar barrier in the form of 12 columns (the number of the Apostles), characteristic carvings of vines, peacocks, lambs, and other characters. On the reconstruction of the altar took 47 cubic meters of white Ural marble from Italy brought 3.5 cubic meters of red marble for the columns. It was made of 2.5 tons of artistic bronze casting, composed of 19 square meters of mosaic panels, used 43 kilograms of Jasper and rhodonite, 168 kilogrammovgornogo crystal, 32 kilograms of pure silver.

Also produced another iconostasis of the red, white and green marble for the bottom of the temple, three of the throne of lapis lazuli, bishop’s chair and pulpit of white marble with artistic carvings. Genuine craftsmanship showed everyone who was involved in the reconstruction of the cathedral — from restorers and painters to electricians and installers of equipment.

Solemn rite of consecration of the Big Kronstadt Naval Cathedral made the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Kirill. Congratulating with the revival of the main spiritual shrine of the country, Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church said that today’s event has a special significance in the Orthodox world, as in many European countries, churches are closed, and we have in Russia the opposite — being built grand buildings. This means that our society is building a new life on the foundation laid by the ancestors. "Today the Holy Rus, Russia has a special historical mission of preserving orthodoxy — the great spiritual power of the Slavic peoples," — said the Patriarch.

To welcome the revival of the church in Kronstadt profit Beatitude Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos III, the Navy, the delegations of all four Russian fleets — the Northern, Baltic, Black Sea and Pacific, sailors and marine equipment makers from different generations, everyone who is a fan of the revival of Russia.

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