Beam scales on the fork lift truck from GC PhysTech save time and energy

  • Beam scales on the fork lift truck

The storage terminals, railway stations, sea and river ports, ie in places where it is constantly and in large volumes made loading and unloading of products, widely used forklifts. But, in addition to the displacement of cargo, logistics centers is necessary to monitor the weight of products shipped or received, which is set in such diverse places weight equipment. Combining the process of transportation and cargo weighing significantly increase the efficiency of loading and unloading.

GC "PhysTech" has developed a new model of the balance beam WB — balance beam on the fork lift truck. Scales are made as beam overlap on the fork lift truck. Patches may be either independent or be a single structure in the form of the letter P. Each pad mounted on two reliable tensor sensor that provides high accuracy weighing. Beam scales on the fork lift truck powered by a truck battery. Data on the weight of cargo delivered to the terminal that is installed in the cab.

Beam scales on the fork lift truck from GC "PhysTech" — extremely rugged and simple design. Weight balance beam as two independent beams of 70 kg in the form of U-shaped design — 93 kg. Installation of beam overlap easily hold 2 people, with no need to make any changes to the hoist truck. Scales can be used in the most demanding conditions.

Until now, the market offers a single solution of the weighing of goods during the move. For example, the balance in the form of a hinged apron-mounted hoist truck. However, the weight of the module assembly is quite complex, and the device reduces the load capacity truck for 6-12% (according to the magazine "Warehouse & Technology") and impairs the driver’s truck. You can find more convenient to use the scale on a fork lift truck, but the prices on them — and the already considerable — are increasing significantly.

Another solution is to install the sensor directly into the hydraulic system of a forklift. This solution is comparable in price with beamed weights on the fork lift truck from GC "PhysTech" and quite easy to implement. But most experts believe the market weighing equipment, weighing accuracy with this method is rapidly reduced.

Beam scales on the fork lift truck from GC "PhysTech" can significantly save time in the movement of goods, which require weighing during the loading, unloading, carrying inventory. In addition, saving energy and reducing truck mileage since do not need to haul cargo to the fixed weights.

Installation is simple weights, if necessary, the balance can be quickly removed with one truck and set on the other.

Beam scales can be used as floor scales, ie without a truck.

Optionally scales can be made of structural steel or stainless steel. On the scales the sensors with varying degrees of ingress protection, depending on the intended conditions of work and the range of operating temperatures.

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