Beer in the new year can not be traded in the stalls

MOSCOW, Dec. 29 — Prime. Beer can not be bought in the shops of less than 50 square meters with 1 January 2013, and in retail stores after 23.00 should be the norm of law, with effect from the new year.

Certain amendments to the law on the regulation of production and turnover of alcohol came into force on 1 July 2012. So was banned retail sale of beer and beer beverages containing ethyl alcohol in 5% or more from 23 pm to 8 pm local time, with the exception of catering. From 1 January 2013, this rule applies to all the beer, regardless of degree.

Since the beer will be fully equated to other types of alcohol, which is being extended this restriction. In addition, the law provides for a ban on the retail sale of alcoholic beverages in stores area less than 50 square meters. Thus, the new year will not be selling beer in the stalls and tents.

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