Began flight tests of the rocket Angara

Missile test light class "Angara", which is scheduled in 2015 from the Baikonur "East", began on January 30, said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

"The construction of the cosmodrome" East "is underway, and by 2015 we plan to start with the "East" light "Angara". By the way, I want to say that yesterday we started flight testing "- Rogozin told reporters Thursday.

Earlier, Major General Alexander Golovko, who served as chief of the cosmodrome "Plesetsk", reported that the test of a new rocket "Angara" were to be completed in 2012. In 2013, the planned rocket launch light class, as troops prepare SAI for the launch of a heavy class, which will enable the Defense into geostationary orbit spacecraft.

The development of the new missile was launched back in 1995. On the basis of its base — URM (Universal Rocket Module) — is expected to create a whole family of missiles of different classes, which can, in particular, replace the rocket "Proton". Rejection of "Proton", which is used as fuel toxic heptyl, will allow Russia to solve a number of problems with Kazakhstan, which stands for the cessation of rocket launches from Baikonur.

As previously reported, the developer of "Angara" — the Khrunichev Center — the first launch rocket "Angara" heavy class also scheduled for 2013.

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