Began R & D in Russia in the production of efficient wind farms

Russian Foundation for Technological Development has approved a loan of R & D within the "Closed wind turbines" (HAZ) technology platform "Advanced technologies of renewable energy," coordinated by the JSC "RusHydro".
The size of the target loan — 150 million, according to an official press release, "RusHydro". Parties to the agreement are the party platform technology — of "Geo-System" and the Russian Foundation for Technological Development.
Experts consider the project a breakthrough for the Russian industry. It is assumed that the results of the project HAZ significantly higher than the prevailing world level of technology in the field of wind energy.
Business purpose of the project is the organization of the production class 100kW wind turbines, the potential demand for them in the world is up to 10 million units per year. The target consumer units are distant objects that are unable to receive electrical power from the existing networks.

Technology Platform "Advanced Technologies of Renewable Energy" was created in 2010 to consolidate the efforts of the government, the investment community, industry, science, design and educational spheres, consumers and the subjects of the Russian Federation in creating conditions for the development of renewable energy, the introduction of high-generation technologies based on renewable energy and to ensure the competitiveness of products and services of renewable energy in domestic and international markets.

The design of facilities will be developed to meet the following requirements:

increased technical efficiency,
manufacturability and assembly,
reliability and low maintenance,
availability and low cost materials used,
the absence of noise, which will bring the source of energy to the minimum distance to the consumer.

The production will be the base of the package with the mobile teams engaged in assembly of systems in place.
January 17, 2012 between the technological platform "Advanced technologies of renewable energy", which is coordinated by RusHydro and the Russian Foundation for Technological Development (RTDF) signed a memorandum of strategic partnership and cooperation.
According to a memorandum by one of the main areas of cooperation is the formation available to small and medium-sized enterprises financial instruments to support projects for the creation of innovative products, including developmental and technological research and development. In particular, RTDF undertakes to provide priority support to projects to organizations recommended by the technology platform.
Promising areas of cooperation are also recognized:

expert consulting and support projects for the creation and introduction of innovations,
support of projects and productions,
development of proposals and initiatives for the development of research and development sector, the formation of a developed innovation infrastructure, education, environment and modernization of the economy based on technological innovation.

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