Began testing the new Russian civil aircraft

In one of the TsAGI wind tunnel that allows you to blow the aircraft models, simulating the transonic flight regimes were studied bearing and torque characteristics of the new wide-body civil aircraft "Frigate Ekodzhet." Achieved more than 55 cycles. Tests have shown that the data within the design. And they will be used for further engineering. And on the other line experiments: aerodynamics TSAGI will determine the characteristics of the future airliner during takeoff and landing. Including ground effects. The aircraft "Frigate Ekodzhet" — a new generation of wide-body passenger aircraft designed to fly up to 4 thousand 500 kilometers. That is, on routes near and medium-range missiles. Its main advantage is that the fuselage has not traditionally circular shape, and a horizontal ellipse. According to the developers of the Russian aviation consortium, it is optimal to aircraft with minimum dimensions accommodate 300-350 passengers in a three showrooms with three major passes, writes "Rossiyskaya Gazeta". To create the necessary lifting force is applied to the wing of a large relative thickness. How to tell the creators of "Frigate Ekodzhet", they used what was in the development of a prototype aircraft integrated circuit IC 1, which represents the wing of a unit with the fuselage. Previously, this type of design were never released. Therefore, they are tested in wind tunnels to confirm or refute the idea of innovation. Elliptical fuselage well change the aerodynamics of the aircraft, and hence its economic performance. Thus, according to the creators of "Frigate Ekodzhet" cost of passenger-kilometers can be reduced by 25-30% compared to what we have now. The developers explain that the fundamental difference between the new scheme is that the floor has to be elliptical fuselage force. And that it requires new calculations and research. And changing the layout, as the volume of the fuselage allows you to put all of the aircraft on the lower deck. TsAGI emphasize that integrated performance indicators of the family "Frigate Ekodzhet" 15-20% will surpass the success to date level of civil aviation. Elliptical fuselage plane will generally much smaller and lighter than existing competitors today, "Frigate Ekodzhet" will be 30% shorter and 80 tonnes lighter than the IL-86 or Airbus A-300. Moreover, the declared numbers may be even more impressive by the use of composites.

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