Begins to work a huge complex of greenhouses in the Kuban

This ambitious project began about a year ago and is beginning to bear fruit.

During his working trip to the region Alexander Tkachev Dinsky been in a greenhouse, LLC "Green Line", the brainchild of the Sochi Investment Forum.

It was at investment in the past year, the administration and the edge of the area Dinskoy concluded with "Thunder" agreement on the project cost of 11 billion rubles. After 9 months on 20 acres in the first plastunovskoy rose greenhouses, and in late August here collected the first 50 tons of tomatoes. Today the tomato crop "weighs" about 800 tons. Started here and the first picking cucumbers — has already collected 200 tons.


After reaching the design capacity of the complex will be able to annually deliver 37,000 tons of tomatoes and 30,000 tons of cucumbers, told the governor Sergei Galitsky, General Director of JSC "Tander" which manages a network of shops "Magnet". He cited several figures of the future: the total area of the complex is almost a hundred acres, 24 greenhouses will block 1200 new jobs. But the main thing — the launch complex will help solve one of the major challenges for the Kuban agroindustrial complex: at times to increase the production of vegetables in the province.

"This is the right approach — growing products in the Kuban and sell it here. On our shelves should be local products — high-quality and eco-friendly! ", — Said Alexander Tkachev

Moreover, the Kuban and vegetables can supply the entire country, said Sergei Galitsky.

"We’re from the south to the Kuban supply its products to other regions. In addition to logistics "pluses", we have a lot of advantages over the Turkish and other agricultural producers who are "captured" in the Russian market ", — said Sergey Galitsky.


However, even with access to the full capacity, grown in a greenhouse vegetables will be able to "cover" only 60 percent of the needs of the network "Magnit" stores.

"It turns out that we need dozens of these systems! And here needs the support of the state Because today we import shaft, we spend millions on buying vegetables that could stay at our farmers! ", — Said the governor.

Alexander Tkachev inspected greenhouses that are projected by the Dutch-Italian technology with the use of drip irrigation systems, modern systems of heating, lighting and ventilation. And also talked with employees — now employs 240 people.

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