Being pregnant after conversion opened a kindergarten for 65 seats

Today, after a major renovation and reconstruction of the kindergarten number 84 opened a second building day care where there are three groups of 65 children aged 2 to 7 years.

Kindergarten number 84 was originally housed in the two-storey brick buildings built in 1960. If the first street on the linear, Building 5 profile did not change, the second — on the street. Rafters, 4 long been used for other purposes, in particular, it was a children’s pulmonology number 1 resort city of Kostroma. The last three years the building was not maintained.

For major repairs and reconstruction of the building of regional and municipal budgets were sent to about 11 million, has 2.7 million from the municipal budget was spent on the purchase of furniture, equipment, utensils, toys, equipment and facilities for the catering department. The establishment is equipped with an automatic fire alarm system, emergency police, a direct dial telephone with fire departments, the system output signal is triggered by the MTA centralized control of fire protection, dismantled fuel trim on the escape routes and areas.

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