Belarusian electronics can cause interference to any army

Belarusian electronics can cause interference to any army

Belarusian electronic warfare (EW) become a hot product on the world market sverhtehnologichny weapons. Naturally, well armed and their Belarusian army. Meaning such criteria in modern technology is increasing, as demonstrated in the various steps of the world.

As said first December, Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), the Iranian spice managed to intercept control remote control system of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) ScanEagle, who led the exploration over the territorial waters of the country. Occupied drone showed Iranian TV.

According to the views of the Iranians, this UAV was launched on board the factory ship SWAT U.S. Navy «Ponce». But the U.S. Navy denies loss in the area of ​​some aircraft. Basically, the U.S. is not the only country in the region using ScanEagle. The same drones have army of the United Arab Emirates. And on the apparatus shown Iranian TV, no identification symbols.

This is not the first case when Tehran reports about the capture of the South American drone. A year earlier, the Iranian defense intercepted the east UAV Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel. Then Washington recognized the loss, stating that the machine is at the disposal of the Iranian military due to a technical malfunction.

Immediately in the western media reported that Sentinel was planted using EW supplied by Russia. In this edition Flightglobal suggested that the complex was used ELINT 1L222 «depot».

However, according to professionals in the field of electronic warfare itself «Depot» can not be used for forced landing UAV. It was created for passive reconnaissance aircraft radar pulse and is likely only part of the mobile auto complex EW developed during the Soviet era. In its composition except ELINT stations and automatic Fri management also includes ground stations massive noise. Specifically, recent work and block airborne radar aircraft of all types, including UAVs.

In general, the Iranian management stated that the forced landing RQ-170 is a fully-winning local scientists and engineers. And soon after that The Christian Science Monitor published an interview with an Iranian engineer, allegedly took concrete role in interception operations of UAVs.

Interlocutor revealed a number of technical details interception. Briefly essence consists in the following: c using EW Iranians managed to break the strong hindrance satellite communication channel between RQ-170 and ground control station located in the United States. In such a situation, in accordance with the method laid down, the software switches the machine to UAV autopilot mode, which in this case was due to check in on the drone U.S. Air Force base in Afghanistan.

Using the fact that in the autopilot used GPS, Iranian military through this navigation system could convey wrong signals of global positioning (and maybe just drown them out). As a result, management programm drone felt that he had arrived at his home, and made a landing area of ​​Iran.

Similarly, According to experts, a year later was imprisoned and ScanEagle UAV. Another thing, they say, it is unlikely it was produced without assistance. As a country that could provide Iran with appropriate means EW, along with some Russian commentators call and Belarus.

One of them said that, considering the means by which could be planted South American UAV, and should take into account the Belarusian electronics. Say, complex satellite navigation signals oppression «Fog». It is specifically designed for installation on helicopters, airplanes or even drones. This station can not just clog air noise, and transmit the wrong message.

Here it is necessary to emphasize that the government and representatives of the military-industrial complex of Belarus tirelessly emphasize that the only legitimate trade lead instrument. And indeed, the trial to convict the West Minsk in working not crowned success.

We can only state that now many of the fundamental EW equipment, such as, for example, stationary and mobile ground station massive jamming and blocking equipment GPS, implemented and offered on the world market specifically military-industrial complex of the Republic of Belarus.

In this regard it may be noted Minsk JSC «KB Radar» who is a special enterprise for radar and electronic warfare.

According to disk imaging, posted on the website of «KB Radar», his specialty, apart from the rest is the development and creation of complexes «interference nick global navigation satellite systems, precluding their own performance navigation tasks (for example, the failure of the guidance precision cruise missiles at targets) . «

Experts argue, using equipment whose Iranians forcibly put drones South American production. But it is important that similar means of electronic countermeasures have armed forces of Belarus.

According to experts, today forces and EW Belarusian army interference can be delivered to all the main facilities and command and control instrument, including precision. Once a year on weapons parts EW received new and upgraded technology standards made Belarusian enterprises.

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