BelAZ delivered to India four mining dump truck

This is the first delivery of dump trucks with electromechanical transmission to the Indian market. Dump trucks, placed on the market in India, meet all the requirements for use in these conditions.  

Today BelAZ is actively aggressive marketing policy in the Indian market. Belarusian Autoworks is bidding the state’s largest coal mining company Coal India to supply 77 units of dump trucks carrying capacity of 190 short tons.

At the final stage is the creation of a joint venture with the Indian company Enrika Trades & Services and prices for Belarusian dump trucks in India Belaz Enrika Mining Equpment & Services.

The Indian market for Belarusian Autoworks is strategic. In capacity can be compared with Russia, which is today for BelAz basic. It is estimated that in India can supply annually over a hundred Belarusian dump trucks of 100 tons

First production of "BelAZ" was staged in India in 1966. For the period up to 1996 was delivered 247 pieces of equipment, which has worked successfully in the Indian market. After the collapse of the Soviet Union this market has been lost. After a long time to establish business relations with India is one of the key elements in the promotion of mining equipment BelAZ the markets of the CIS countries.

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