Belgorod Airport for 4 months of increased passenger traffic by 46%

JSC "Belgorodavia" (the airport "Belgorod") in January-April 2013 increased the number of passengers compared to the same period last year by 46% — to more than 57.5 million people, said the airport.
In April 2013, passenger traffic reached almost 18 thousand people, an increase compared to April 2012 by 60%. In this case, the number of flights increased by 26%.
According to airport management "Belgorod", only in 2013, will serve more than 250 million passengers.
The owner of "Belgorodavia" is the Belgorod region. Airport passenger traffic in 2012 increased by 1.5 times — up to more than 198.5 thousand people.

Currently, the airport is undergoing reconstruction. The plan includes the construction of:

  • Extending and expanding the runway (extension with 2300 meters to 2500 meters, and extending from 42 to 45 meters), while reinforcing the existing pavement
  • Construction of a new passenger terminal with a capacity of 450 people. / H (300 to 150 domestic and international routes)
  • Construction of new air traffic control, radio navigation, landing aids
  • Construction of utilities Airport
  • Construction of facilities for regime-security airport security
  • The construction of auxiliary facilities
  • Construction of treatment facilities Airport
  • Construction of the car park at 150 seats and multi-level parking for 1000 (to preserve green space)
  • There will also be carried out reconstruction of taxiways. Will be built eight parking places heavy aircraft (B-737, Tu-154, Tu-204, A-321)
  • installation of a new modern lighting equipment with high intensity lights (by European standards)

After the reconstruction of the airport will be able to handle vessels of type B-737, Tu-204, A-321, A-320, A319. During the year the airport will be able to release more than 500 thousand passengers. The old terminal building will be located service centers passengers and airline offices


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