Belgorod farmers experienced a seeding system from a local manufacturer

From 1 to May 6 near the village Sokolivka Korochansky region in the fields of "agricultural holding" Ivnyansky "production tested seeding system CP-6A manufactured at the plant "Belagromash Service behalf VM Ryazanov". The system is designed to work on technology No-till.

"Belagromash Service" is not the only company in the field of engineering, which is actively working to develop equipment designed to operate at a zero technology.

At the spring 2012 planting season in several farms in the region are already working seed drills direct seeding SDSU-4, 8 "Fora" (OOO "Prom-Agro" Shebekino). Until the end of this year, plan to conduct production testing cultivator drill direct sowing of Belgorod plant "RHYTHM", which is working on the creation of zernotravjanogo drill direct sowing.

The need to create your own samples of high-performance machines designed to conduct field work on technology No-till, is associated with an active program implementation biologizatcii agriculture, which provides for a gradual transition to zero tillage and the use of green manure crops and perennial grasses. Accordingly, the most demanded direct sowing aggregates with optional seeding smallseeded cultures. According to experts of the Department of agriculture, but in 2011 the agricultural producers of seed purchased 110 units for a total amount of about 314 million rubles, of which 80 (73%) are designed to work on the technology of No-till. Also today, there is the retrofitting of seed drills for working on this technology.

The introduction of high-tech, precision farming, which not only reduces fuel consumption but also on the whole cost of making all the necessary technical measures, can significantly reduce the cost of agricultural products. The use of energy-saving technologies of cultivation have made it possible to reduce the cost of 1 ha of diesel fuel compared to 1995 by 2.6 times — from 156 to 60 liters, and in the advanced economies results are even more significant, the press service of the department of agriculture of the Belgorod region.

CP-6A "Belagromash Service" 


Direct sowing seed drills SDSU-4, 8 "Fora" (OOO "Prom-Agro" Shebekino)

seeder direct drilling Belgorod plant "RHYTHM"



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