Belgorod fellow farmers have revived disappeared 45 years ago


Farm in the Belgorod region existed until 1968 — it does not have a single resident town abolished. 45 years later returned to their places of three brothers and a revived farm.

45 years later after the elimination of farm New Solovyevka in the Belgorod region back to life — here, in their homes, fled from the city bustle three brothers, a farmer and started life from scratch.

With a clean field

Bowery in New Solovyevka Korochansky district of Belgorod region existed until 1968 — it does not have a single resident town abolished. Krivtsov brothers — Alex, Michael and Ivan — in 80 years had to move out of the village Klínovec (near the hamlet) in Belgorod — work in his native place was not, and need something to live on it. They came to the farm in the early ’90s, and then began a new life of this place.

"We came with their wives, sat in the sun and decided to return to this place. Initially, there was no place to live, come to the bare field, and watch as it was necessary. Well, we are in a bare field and spent the night. Later trailers and put them lived. Later gradually built up "- say the brothers Ivan and Alexey.

Krivtsovo started with working the land. At each, they had 40 acres. To create a farm they took a loan of 100,000 rubles, and they bought into the collective farm machinery: crawler tractors, grain combines, seeders, attachments.

"At that time, someone took out loans to buy computers, cars, and we’re all on the technique.’s Wife was taken by the head, as we will pay them. Reform Just go with the change of millions of rubles. During the first year we have sown barley and buckwheat. And this year a loan of 100,000 we closed ", — says Alexey, the eldest of the brothers.

In the farm they kept the calves and pigs, piglets and sold the meat.

"But these products are not gone. We had a large pig 250-300 pounds, and they are not standard. Now standard 100-105 pounds. We bought them, were taken to Stary Oskol to the slaughter, and they are big, they are on a standard slaughterhouse not clogged. Because no matter. Later we sold plants sows, they were good here. Immediately went complexes (industrial production of pork.) had to go and ruin everything for cattle, "- say the brothers.

For this we again had to rebuild the farm, to buy livestock. Now they are one of the most advanced economy in Korochansky area. They hold about 300 head of cattle, a full fleet of agricultural equipment, which processes more than one hundred hectares of crops.

Family Farm

In a remote area of New Solovyevka three-family house with the court buildings, not far from their base for the repair of agricultural machinery, garages. Krivtsovo house built for the loan were paid under contracts of sugar, meat, grain.

"Now everything is just no life (laughs). This is now you come here and the houses are all lined with tiles all around. And so it was a bare field. Communication We have brought here, built a house, paved driveway — that you were driving, although she narrow but paved. Gas, electricity spent drains made, the pond cleaned, planted a garden, "- said Mr. Smith.

The farm work all the three brothers, the head of the farm officially listed Alexei Ivanovich. Help them sons. The older brother’s three children — two of them went in the footsteps of his father: one received agricultural education, the second was a veterinarian. At Ivan and Michael for the two children, but only one of them — livestock — helps parents.

How to tell the farmers themselves, all the important issues are usually solved together.

"Let’s gather to bet, desecrated, matyukatsya, as it should be. Sometimes a shouting match, spit, went home. And then come, Gorbachev said the consensus" — smiling, noticed one of the brothers.

"What’s there to decide is necessary to work," — added the second.

Farmers Dream

Return to the farm map was not very easy — it’s a big red tape. Krivtsovo told that we had to ask for help from members of the local council, then this message was sent to the regional Duma, and she, in turn, the government of Russia. As a result, in September 2013, 20 years after the settlement of the farm, he returned to the historical name of "New Solovyevka."

Brotherhood farmers claim that they are happy with their lives: They live where they were born, where they lived and worked their grandfathers, each large family and the business in which to invest their all.

"It seems to live well, everything is there, but some residue in the shower.’s Look at what is happening in the country is bad. Theft … And then to count every penny. Twenty years have passed, and I can not buy a chandelier, you know, not what. appeared penny, it should be used to pay people to keep out, "- said Alexey Kryvtsov.

The brothers have farmers and their dreams, until realized.

"Here I am 63 years old, and I had never rested. My whole life and never been to the south. Would be desirable, but not on that. Fact help the children to have, then something else.’s Son took mortgages began to build . Took a million, covered the roof, and all was over a million, "- says the eldest of the brothers.

Still, talk about their own desires and challenges of fellow farmers with a smile. They are not afraid of difficulties, they do not lose heart, and again and again get up before dawn, riding in a field on a farm or in the workshop, to running their mechanism worked smoothly, clearly: that the crop was harvested on time, feed stocks enough for the whole economy, and fell sick cow got help.

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