Belgorod Industrial Park in 2011 earned about one billion rubles

Head of the Department for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Natalia Larionov’s working visit to the industrial park "North", saying that the ministry will provide subsidies to residents of similar industrial parks for the purchase and lease of industrial space.

The volume of production of the industrial park "North" in 2011 amounted to about one billion rubles. According to the head of the Directorate for the development of industrial zones of the Belgorod region Andrei Minayeva, under existing plans of companies — residents of the industrial park on the 2012 output will reach 2.75 billion. The planned total area of the industrial park of 24 hectares, including 80,000 m? — Production area, where after a full entry will run 2,000 people (as long as there are about 200).


As reported by Natalia Larionov, to support the residents of the industrial parks in the ministry prepared two types of subsidies. First — rental of up to one million rubles a year for each company. "At the same time, we saw today that many companies interested to invest where they own land, and not tenants. We also offer subsidies to buy out areas ", — Said Natalia Larionov. The proportion of state subsidies in the total redemption Larionov has not called.

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