Belgorod region: Foundation Generation gave a lot of cars socio-cultural institutions

February 16, founder of Stary Oskol, State Duma Deputy Andrei Skoch handed the keys to the new keyway and trucks "Gazelle" heads of the organizations of social and cultural spheres of Stary Oskol city district and Novooskolskiy district. So, four isothermal car based on the "Gazelle" will deliver the products to the rural town of Stary Oskol School District, and two more — in a remote village district. There are already operating two similar car donated by the district consumer society by the "Generation" in 2008.

Load tilts "Gazelle" presented by the Chairman of historical and patriotic association "Search" Ivan Andreev. Association has been in existence for over 40 years, and only last year the activists of "search" and found reburied 352 Soviet soldiers who died during the Great Patriotic War. On the activities of the association can be found in the museum, which is located in PC & CA "Komsomolets". Here are the findings — from weapons and vehicles from World War II to the artifacts of the Scythians. As told Ivan Andreev, now in the "search" is only a passenger "UAZ", which is inconvenient to move the equipment for excavation. The new "Gazelle" will carry also found the remains in coffins for reburial. PAZ presented Starooskolskaya center of social service NOVOOSKOLSKY DC "Falcon" and selhozkolledzhu. A further two new buses will expand the network of passenger transport in the Novooskolsky area. "Today I have come here to fulfill the promises made by me at public meetings during the December election campaign. There were about 250 complaints, of which 84% have already been made, "- said Andrei Skoch at the ceremony of the car. According to him, among the major fund projects that will be implemented in the near future — the assembly hall BGIIK repair and restoration of the church in Stary Oskol city district.

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