Belorechenskoye implements the investment project in the Irkutsk region

SKHAO "Belorechenskoye" in the Irkutsk region opens the second turn dairy complex for 400 people in the village of Petrovka. The project to create the dairy farm is implemented jointly with the government of the region.

Construction began in June 2010, was completed in May 2011. The total cost of the project infrastructure and equipment amounted to 50 million rubles. Of these, 20% of the construction cost and 50% of the equipment will be offset by the regional government in the form of subsidies.

The first phase of construction of a farm of 200 heads was put into operation in December 2010. The farm has the latest equipment that meets the latest technologies: an experimental system of ventilation, Dutch equipment for milking and primary processing of milk, automatic feeding systems.

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