Beloyarsk NPP installation of the ventilation stack is made of the BN-800

Beloyarsk NPP produced vent installation of the main building under construction unit number 4 reactor BN-800.

Vent pipe is mounted on the main body unit 45 meters above the ground, the top mark of the pipe is 100 meters above the ground. Given the opportunities available on the construction site crawler crane "DEMAG" vent pipe was pre-assembled from metal in the main building, and then assembled lifted and placed in the permanent position, which allows to shorten the assembly operations. Weight tubes 107 tons and a length of 55 meters, a base diameter of 6 meters, diameter of the upper part of the tube 3 meters. The work performed, LLC "Beloyarskoe installation management" ZAO PO "Uralenergomontazh."

After the end of major works on the installation of structures vent pipe installation will be carried out svetoograzhdayuschey equipment and radiation detection equipment. 

Installation of the ventilation pipe is one of the stages of preparation for the physical start of the BN-800 power unit number 4. Through it from the main body unit will be drawing the air passing through the special pre-treatment system.

Only the main body unit number 4 will be installed four pipes, one of them — the ventilation and the other three are included in the additional safety and allow, if necessary to cool the reactor by natural circulation of air, without the use of pumps.

Power unit number 4 Beloyarsk with fast neutron reactors BN-800 is in the final stages of construction. Physical startup of the reactor will be held at the end of 2013, and the energy power unit — connect to the grid — is scheduled for 2014.

Beloyarsk nuclear power plant was put into operation in April 1964. This is the first nuclear power plant in the nuclear power industry of the country and the only one with reactors of different types at the same site. The first units Beloyarsk with thermal reactors AMB-100 and AMB-200 stopped in connection with development of the resource. Operates the unique power unit with a fast neutron reactor power level of industrial BN-600. In the construction stage unit with a fast neutron reactor BN-800. Fast-breeder reactors are designed to significantly increase the fuel base of nuclear energy and to minimize radioactive waste due to the closed nuclear fuel cycle.

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