Beneficiaries 4 regions received new apartments

The ceremonial handing the keys to the apartment 154 families of orphans held in Yakutsk.

The ceremony was held with the participation and presence of the Commissioner for Children’s Rights under the President of the Russian Federation P.Astahova, President of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) E.Borisova, members of the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the Minister of Education of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the head of the city district "Yakutsk "A. Nikolaev, and many other guests. As of March 1, registered in Yakutsk in need of accommodation for orphans and children left without parental care are 329 people.

Only in March of this year, the administration of Yakutsk to be settling 236 apartments. Thus, the queue will be only 93 people, including citizens who have the right to housing has not arisen. Acquired living spaces with a total area of 24 to 38 square meters. m located in the newly commissioned residential buildings.

 For the Administration of Yakutsk is a unique experience, because earlier dwellings were acquired mainly in wooden housing stock or purchased on the secondary housing market. The Commissioner for Children’s Rights under the President of Russia Pavel Astakhov wished that the new apartments, which have now become orphans not only new housing, but also the door to a new life. The mayor of the city of Yakutsk is also hoped that the new housing will serve orphans and former residents of children’s homes to build a foundation of strong families, further development and a dignified life.


In the city of Irkutsk region Cheremhovo solemn settlement of two apartment buildings number 1 and number 3 on Belinsky Street, built as part of a regional program to address the relocation of citizens of emergency shelter, funded with the participation of the Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services.

According to the Housing Fund in the administration Cheremhovo, keys to new apartments were 36 families who previously inhabited the six dilapidated houses on the street Furmanova, 5 and 7, Nekrasov, 8, Fife, 37, Turgenev, 17 and Oktyabrina, 2.

The right to cut the red ribbon gave Eugene Seredkin and director of the contractor engaged in the construction of houses, Radion Fatahovu. After handing the keys to the family toured their new apartments. Many citizens are planning to move to a new home in the coming days.

The construction of these two houses from all sources was sent to 63.3 million rubles, of which 33.5 million rubles — the Housing Fund, 23.1 million rubles — the regional budget and 6.7 million rubles — local.

New apartments in Novokuznetsk were orphans

Deputy Mayor for Social Affairs Vladimir Rokkel handed six of talented orphans from Novokuznetsk keys to the new comfortable apartment in Ordzhonikidze district.

According to the regional program, gifted children without parental care are given accommodation out of turn. Children learn in urban educational institutions as "excellent", and some of them successfully combine the learning process to work.

Today, the city needs to provide more dwellings 1,417 orphans. Since 2013, in accordance with the requirements of the new federal law municipalities are required to create a specialized housing for orphans.

Housing will provide orphans under a lease for a term of five years, after which they will be able to either extend or they are given the right to transfer the ownership of the dwelling. To this end, the law fixed the order of inclusion of orphaned children in the list for the provision of accommodation to 14 years. The journalists said the head of the administration of the guardianship of Elena S. Garmashova.

"Today I am very pleased to execute the instructions of the governor of the Kemerovo region and head of the city by handing you a complete package of documents for the apartment. I wish you all a happy road to the future and well-being. Stay as active and purposeful, "- shared the joy of youth events V.R.Rokkel.

27 Urmarsky families finally received new apartments

In the village of 27 families Urmary held a housewarming. 17 apartments residents of the area were the three federal programs. Residents of dilapidated houses, war veterans, widows and orphans moved into a comfortable lodging. But in the area and there are still those who are forced to live in cramped conditions.

Wooden houses on the street Nekrasov built more than half a century ago. And many of them have already been recognized alert. Year after year, they become less — people move into new apartments. To Marina Sokolova until the queue is not reached. The woman huddled in her old apartment, where the heating pipes are not warmer than fresh milk. Light the stove is useless, it just does not hold the heat, and money on the wood of a woman who works as a cleaner, is not enough. Have to walk home in the warm clothing. Relatives who could spend the winter, it does not.

How to say in the administration of the district, Marina Sokolova wait is very long. This year, the village Urmary plan to build a new apartment building, and it is — one of the first in the queue.

Alexander Tikhonov, deputy head of the district administration, said: "The House voted 10 alert. In 2013, carefully relocated. Our job for 3 years to move. The houses inhabited by 209 families. "

Egorova Nina and her family did not quite appreciate the new apartment. Treasured keys they waited for more than 27 years. All this time, the family lived in a hut next to the railroad. Now gradually get used to the quiet and cozy apartment, where you can walk, wrapping up in coats.

House number 3 in the lane Nekrasov was another built on the three federal programs. Six members of the war veterans and their widows, orphans 5 and 6 families living in dilapidated housing, got a new apartment here.

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