Beneficiaries of the Amur region, received the keys to new apartments

Two 3-story house on 24 apartments built in the 800 block of Blagoveshchensk. In March of this year, there have already passed the two houses of 90 apartments. The total capacity of the residential complex for the orphans of 138 apartments.
On the eve of the keys to new apartments 48 children were orphans.

In the future, the development of 800 quarters of the city, planned to build a school and a kindergarten.

At the end of the year is planned to put a few more houses. They are in Belogorie, argali and Magdagachi. Determine the number of units depending on the locality and the number of needy orphans.

In total, during the implementation of the program "Providing living quarters for orphans and children left without parental care in 2011 to 2013" and the program "Provision of quality housing and housing services for the population of the Amur Region 2012-2015" only in Blagoveshchensk was handed the order 276 apartments.


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