Berd plant started production of air purifiers


Berd electromechanical plant started production of air filters for operating theaters.

As the general director of "MESG" Victor Osin, at the facilities of the plant started production of air treatment systems for "tion."

The device is designed Research and Production Enterprise "tion", which is based in Technopark of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok. According to the developer, the feature set — its low power consumption and the ability to simultaneously decontaminate air and clean it from mechanical and gas pollution.

In total this year will be collected 900-1000 air cleaners, the price of the instrument will be 32 thousand rubles., Said Victor Osin.

He also said that in the near future, "MESG" will the mass production of parts for military and civilian aircraft for NAPO. Chkalov. We are talking about the production of fuel tanks, beams, to which is attached weapons (missiles) and parts for hydraulic control


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