Bernd Stange: Why the great clubs release players to national teams, and the small Rostov — no?

Head coach of the Belarus national football Bernd Stange expressed his bewilderment to the Russian club "Rostov", who refused to let a friendly match between Argentina and Belarus midfielder Alexander Kulchiy, the correspondent Irina Kienya. "I do not understand. I truly wonder how this could be. Why great coaches of clubs giants easily let go of their players in the team and believe that this is normal, but a little "Rostov" — no. This club does not consider it possible to comply with the regulations of FIFA. It is beyond my comprehension. How so? So clubs need to show yellow and red cards. What is the club and that is — the team of the country? I’m sorry. I am confident that our federation will do everything to Kulchiy yet arrived in Minsk, "- said Stange. Friendly match BelarusArgentina held on August 20 at the Minsk "Dinamo" stadium.

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