Berth number 39 Novorossiysk prepared to receive ships


Technical re-equipment of vertical bank type at berth number 39 Southeastern cargo area of the port of Novorossiysk, July 29, 2011 were commissioned, this is reported in the materials of "Morstroytechnology."

Detailed documentation for technical re-equipment of coast protection berth number 39, built by order of "Rosmorport" in 2009 and 2010., Experts Morstroytechnology released by order of "NUTEP."
Extras on the project received a positive conclusion of industrial security.

Rearmament bank stabilization process allowed ferries lines Sochi Novorossiysk, running 2 times a week with weights for Olympic facilities.

Port of Sochi is located on the Black Sea coast. Throughput of the port stevedoring companies in 2010 amounted to 2.69 million tons. The port is being built to receive the cargo area of Olympic goods.

Novorossiysk Sea Port is the largest port of the Russian Federation. The total length of wharfage is more than 13 thousand meters within the boundaries of the port of Novorossiysk operate more than 80 businesses (stevedoring, Ship Agencies, bunkering, surveyors). Throughput of the port in 2010 amounted to 117.08 million tons.

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