BIAKSPLEN started production of new types of film

Novokuybyshevsk (Samara region), 18.02.2011.
On Novokuibyshev enterprise "BIAKSPLEN NK" the grand opening of three new production lines, which will increase the output (a polymer film) from 26 to 42 thousand tons per year. Total investment in the expansion of production exceeded 500 million rubles.

Due to its barrier, optical and physical-mechanical properties of the polymer film is widely used for packaging of goods in food, perfume, tobacco, paper and light industry. Previously, "BIAKSPLEN NK" released only biaxially oriented film (BOPP).

New types of films have a different set of application properties. In particular, the non-oriented three-layer film is coextruded polypropylene (CPP) is characterized by high strength, puncture resistance, widely used for lamination with BOPP as well as with other types of films.

Polyethylene blown five-layer coextruded has high weldability, which ensures high integrity weld with further lamination and the ability to create complex materials for packing loose, grocery, frozen, oil-and fat-containing foods, coffee, tea.

The main characteristics of a five-layer co-extruded polyethylene film (stretch) — the ability to reversibly stretch and high resistance to tear, puncture, bursting. Stretch is designed for packing products on pallets without the use of special equipment, packaging pallet loads by a rotating coil.

Thanks to the implemented projects, the share of sales of "BIAKSPLEN" on the Russian market in 2011 will reach 17% by CPP film, 3% polyethylene blown film, and 4% of stretch film.

The group of companies "BIAKSPLEN» ( — one of the main manufacturers of BOPP in Russia. Sibur has a stake of 50% of the charter capital of LLC "BIAKSPLEN."

The plants are certified according to the quality management system ISO 9001. The production structure "BIAKSPLEN" consists of four plants located in Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Kursk and Moscow regions, with a total production capacity of 128,000 tons of lines of film per year.

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