Big Bratsk to launch

"Big Bratsk" — unprecedented in recent history for the Russian project. The numbers are really staggering: to provide all necessary construction, built a 6 and a half kilometers of railway lines. On the project spent $ 700 million. The new plant will produce more than 700,000 tonnes of softwood pulp annually.

"Annual recycling have increased on the order of 800,000 cubic meters per year. Around Bratsk cut down a lot, but we have not chop around Bratsk. We have plots of 170 kilometers. Idea is to give the forest a long-term lease to could engage in reforestation and forest use for many years " — said Vladimir Sokolov, managing director of Brotherly industrial site.

"Big Bratsk" is set to launch. Practically new pulp mill of Ilim fully built. Today the plant for the first time revealed to reporters. Hope Ledetskaya among the first to see the result of extensive renovation.

See all new objects large mass not work for the whole day. The program of the two-hour tour for the media including the most important department. This is — oxygen plant. They promise to run for 31 August. 

"Right now, at the site has more than 2 million people. This is mainly assemblers, mechanics. Builders have left a little bit, because construction work nearing completion," — said Vladimir Sokolov, managing director of Brotherly industrial site.

In one year, up new shops. Building a "large mass" did not stop even in the winter. In the cold concrete warmed by special guns.

Ten objects "large mass" are ready to an average of 70 percent. Woodyard, where wood is processed into chips. The brewing. And the final stage of production — softwood line, which will get bleached pulp.

Some kind of record holder and "heavyweight" of the project — the recovery boiler. His weight together with the frame almost 3,000 tons. Height of 76 meters, it is as 24etazhny home. This energy heart of the "Big Bratsk." It is this object will notify bratchan that the new plant in the alert. As the Managing Director, at the end of June in Bratsk hear a kind of buzz, comparable "with the sound of a jet plane." It will last three days — as long as they pass the test. Residents reminded of this in advance.

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