Bijskij business incubator equipped with a high-tech lab equipment

The business incubator supplied a full range of instruments to monitor and study the technological and operational properties of coatings and polymeric materials. 

The main feature of the purchased and installed equipment is that it is possible to conduct standardized research resident business incubator. In particular, the following areas: biotechnology and pharmacology, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and Nanosystems, Polymers, composite materials and paints.

In addition, the laboratory is equipped with a laboratory dispersing system for prototype paint and a universal testing machine. With the latest determine the deformation and strength properties of various polymer films, plastics, rubber and other materials.

Acquired by modern high-tech research equipment Shimadzu (Japan) for basic and applied research. The equipment allows for precise quantitative and qualitative analyzes.

The range of applications is very wide of the supplied equipment. From the identification of drugs and metabolites in biological samples, quality control and safety of pharmaceutical products, food products, environmental objects to forensics, doping and clinical studies.

Delivered in Bijskij business incubator of innovative equipment type is matched to a wide range of research and applications in such promising areas as: pharmaceuticals, food and fermentation technology, nanoscale, polymers and composite materials.

For its purchase was sent to 20 million rubles. Of these, 4,000,000 rubles — a long-term target program "State support and development of small and medium-sized businesses in the Altai region." 16 million rubles — the federal funds received by the edge of a co-financing activities to build and equip Bijskogo business incubator.



Bijskij business incubator of innovative type set up in accordance with the decision of the Administration of Altai Krai of 24.08.2010 № 377 "On approval of the governor’s program in the list of 75 particularly significant social constructions and facilities, commissioning of which is timed to the 75th anniversary of the Altai region."

The business incubator provides office space 18 (to accommodate residents), equipped with office equipment, computer equipment and communication facilities, conference hall, meeting room and 4 laboratories. His current residents on the basis of tenders are held beginning 14 innovative companies.

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