BIOCAD developed a new social network for people diagnosed with

hepatitis C

July 28, 2013 in St. Petersburg hosted an event to celebrate International Day against hepatitis. The organizer was a biopharmaceutical company BIOCAD. At 200 meters in the space of Gallery "Formula" at the Cultural Center "Loft Project" located thematic photo exhibition, clearly showing the path of hepatitis C. The real life cases as Captions successfully complement the conceptual design. Program of the event started with a presentation a new social network of "One World", developed by BIOCAD for people diagnosed with hepatitis C. In addition to the numerous options that do not exist in other social networks and online forums, guests of the event were pleased with easy navigation and an innovative content portal. Visitors are also shown the animated movie about the methods of infection with hepatitis C virus, and asked to answer the quiz questions and get valuable prizes from BIOCAD. At the end of the infotainment program participants waited reception, during which guests are able to talk informally and answer questions specially prepared interview on the subject of general knowledge about hepatitis C virus, and tell their stories clash with the disease. The event ended with a mass launch of balloons with the logo of "One World" from the roof of a cafe Cultural Center "Loft Project". Fly away into the sky blue and white balls is the best demonstrated faith in the victory of the virus and the unity of all the people for whom the world one.

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