Bioenergy Corporation attracts new investors

Corporation "Bioenergy" reports about the deal on the transfer of shares of all shareholders of the corporation structures Fund "Synergy Innovations." The new format of the project involves the participation of a wider range of investors, including foreign ones.

 "Made the most important thing — to draw attention to an important national resource — the turf. We have brought back to life the abandoned peat extraction company, engaged in the practical resuscitation peat industry — commented on the event Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Corporation, DM Iakobachvili. — The next step — is a large-scale transfer of technology and expertise, conducting active research activities, forming the corresponding chain of interaction between all participants. I am sure that the Fund "Synergy Innovations", as a shareholder of the project, will provide access to an extensive examination of the existing network and the major centers of innovation in the United States, Israel and Singapore. "

Speaking about the results of the last year of the holding company, the president, a member of the Board of Directors of the Corporation "Bioenergy" YE Janowski said: "Much has been done: set up three regional technology cluster, optimized operating activities of enterprises. All of them were modernized and prepared for the new season of production. Launched new lines for briquetting peat in the Tver and Vladimir clusters. With our Finnish partner — Concern Vapo OY introducing new technologies and business practices that reduce the cost of mining and manufacturing. Created Trading House and division Bioenko-Agro, specializing in the production of peat products for the agricultural sector. The arrival of institutional investors will allow the corporation to the next level of development and become active in the development of new products with high added value. "

Interest in the development of peat theme highlights and Partner Fund "Synergy Innovations" Zaid Maleh: "We are confident that the peat industry is very high potential. We look forward to the expansion in the biofuel market in Europe, and in relation to the Middle East us more interesting use of peat in other industries. We believe investment in this project is appropriate and timely. "


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