Biotechnology and Ukraine


Scientists around the world have been working hard the whole year 2011, which would provide the public with their developments. Among them — the projects for crop production, allowing to increase the yield from 1 ha, which is very important in the context of limited natural resources and global issues of food and water, facing humanity. Also, biotechnology may increase the "usefulness" of grains, vegetables and fruits, improvement of the soil by fixing the plant nutrients by the living natural Assistants — organisms and bacteria.

Ukraine is also proud of its research in the field of biotechnology used in agriculture — for example, in the current year have been developed and put on the market a number of new biologics. Three of them — the new products group of companies BIONA, and domestic farmers have already managed to try them in action.

In the spring of 2011 was released to manufacturing biological fungicide and bactericide for cereal crops MaxGrain ™. It is designed to inhibit fungal and bacterial pathogens, stimulating the growth and development of vegetative and reproductive organs. Thanks to the part of the drug in chelated trace elements, there is a complete assimilation of macronutrients and 100% realized the potential of culture. This significantly improves the performance of culture and increases productivity.

Also, to provide plants with essential trace elements to improve productivity and product quality, has developed a new product — microfertilizer Sunny Mix ™ — specially selected for each type of crop, organically integrating a complex of trace elements in chelated form.

This preparation can be used for processing such vegetation crop
— Cereal crops — Sunny Mix ™ CEREALS
— Corn — Sunny Mix ™ CORN
— Sugar beet — Sunny Mix ™ SUGAR BEET
— Legumes — Sunny Mix ™ LEGUMES
— Sunflower — Sunny Mix ™ SUNFLOWER
— Grapes — Sunny Mix ™ GRAPE

Based on the latest developments of biotechnologists, this drug significantly increases crop yields, even in adverse conditions — unsuitable soil, drought, high humidity or pest attack.

For the livestock specialists Civil BIONA improved and modified the formula of a biological product Batsell ™, which is now published under the title Batsell ™ Plus. The uniqueness of the new drug — amylolytic activity in addition to cellulolytic, and proteolytic?-Glyukonaznomu action. That is, a standard set of enzyme compositions used in the feeding of birds and animals, you can replace one drug Batsell ™ Plus.

This drug is particularly popular in Lugansk, Donetsk and Kharkiv regions. It shows the best results for gestating and lactating sows, piglets suckling — the cost of feed for rearing decreased by 85.00 hryvnia per 1 ton. Also, drug tests show an increase in daily weight gain of pigs and increase the safety of offspring.

Drug test Batsell ™ dairy herd of cattle also showed a positive trend — the increase of milk herd has averaged 2 liter fat content increased by 0.3%, protein 0.2%.

Recently, the company has recently made a business trip to Spain. Spanish colleagues appreciate the advanced technology of Ukrainian specialists. Therefore, it was decided to carry out tests of biological products produced by the Group of companies «Biona», in the largest Spanish companies that are engaged in the cultivation of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, lettuce in Almeria. Research will also be conducted at the plant in the city of Murcia, which is engaged in the cultivation of lettuce and cabbage in the open field.

Another milestone visit to Spain is to hold talks on the cultivation of various crops with laboratory analysis and calculation schemes preparations to protect plants from diseases and pests c other Spanish companies. Cooperation with this company will help Ukraine to strengthen its position in the international market, as well as give impetus to a new stage of development of the domestic agro.

But Ukrainian biotechnology not rest on our laurels and continue his studies — in the next year to patenting and release of planned new formulas and products aimed at helping farmers.

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