Biotechnology Center Generium (photo, video)

Visit "GENERIUM" Russian President Dmitry Medvedev

Research and Production Center for Molecular Medicine "Generium" is designed to provide the Russian health care system with modern import-genetically engineered drugs for the diagnosis and treatment of serious diseases. Implementation of the project started in 2009.

The project includes a research center and modern biotechnological production of drugs with a full cycle: from the cultivation of producers — to finished dosage form.

An area of over 70 hectares is located laboratories, production facilities and a residential area for employees and their families: infrastructure provides comfortable accommodation 600.

Currently, the project is the production of four products: Diaskintest (TB diagnostics), somatropin (growth hormone), interferon beta (multiple sclerosis), coagulation factor VII (for the treatment of hemophilia). In addition, clinical trials conducted two drugs: blood coagulation factor VIII, blood coagulation factor IX; under development for more than 10 innovative drugs.



Photo pres-service of the President of the Russian Federation


Medvedev conversation with employees’ GENERIUM "


Video (July 2011)

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