Biscuit-Chocolate received a certificate of conformity to Islamic halal standards

Enterprises Corporation "Biscuit-Chocolate", a major Ukrainian producer of confectionery products,received certificates of conformity of their products canons of Shariah, which opens up new opportunities for the company in the markets of the Muslim world.


The certificates were issued and PJSC "Kharkiv Biscuit Factory," and PJSC "Confectionary" Kharkovchanka. "
During the audit, a list of more than 200 items of confectionery,which do not contain components Islam. It’s a big part of the range, with the exception of products containing alcohol.

Products that comply with "Halal"will be marked with a special icon — well shaped eight-pointed star of the green, which is located on the packaging next to other certification marks.

An audit conducted by the Center for Testing and Certification Halal"Alraid" who, having studied the production process and by reviewing the documentation and products, confirmed that it "meets all the requirements and rules of Shariat," and that "Muslims around the world are free to use the" Kharkiv Biscuit and confectionery factory "Kharkovchanka."

As noted by the President of the Corporation Alla Kovalenko,obtaining certificates gives the company an opportunity to expand markets in those regions, where most Muslims live, to strengthen the credibility of the product and improve the image of the company, not only in the Islamic world,but also in the traditional markets, including the EU, where people of different faiths.

"In all of the exhibitions in the Muslim countries one of the first we definitely ask the question, whether the product is certified for compliance with" halal ". And today we received certificatesconfirm that our products Shariah, which require customers in these markets ", — she said.

The CEO noted that the company "Biscuit-Chocolate" became one of the first Ukrainian confectionery producers who have received such certificates. Anna Kovalenko expects that it will help the company to strengthen its market position

"We have been working with Iraq and Afghanistan, our products are delivered in the north-western part of China, where many of the Muslim population, I’m not talking about these more traditional markets, such as Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. Negotiations are under way on the sales to the United Arab Emirates, Palestine, Jordan.I am sure that a certificate will be successful in these markets, "- said the president of the company.
"Halal" is translated from Arabic means "the permitted permitted." According to the norms of Islam is all that is allowed to be used by Muslims in every sphere of daily life.

Corporation "Biscuit-Chocolate" — one of the largest producers of confectionery products. Brings together a number of companies providing all the basic steps of the production process, from raw material to finished products. The corporation was founded in 2004 as part of PJSC "Confectionary" Kharkovchanka "(in the market — since 1896), PJSC" Kharkiv Biscuit Factory "(from 1935)," Trade House "Prestige". Her areas of governance also includes the PAO "Pervuhinsky sugar factory", LLC "Krasnogradsky Mlyn," PAO "Agri them. Skovoroda. " Under the brand name "Biscuit-Chocolate" is issued more than 20 groups of confectionery products. In 2012, the company released a corporation 58 tonnes of confectionery. Production amounted to 910 million USD. The products are delivered to 24 countries, exports were shipped to 42% of sales. The quality management system at the enterprises of the corporation meet the latest international standard ISO 9001-2008. At the company employs more than three thousand people.

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