Bison introduced farmers to Acros 590 Plus

The company "Bison" was first introduced agricultural workers combine harvester Rostselmash Acros 590 Plus. Assess the possibility of new items farmers will be able to have during the current harvest.


The first car of the pilot batch combines Acros 590 Plus entered service Kuban farmers who begin harvesting time before other regions. The main task — to check the operation of all systems at maximum load. However, even before the field harvester aroused great interest among agricultural specialists.

— A distinctive feature of the car is more powerful engine — 325 hp production Cummins, — said Alexei Chernov, head of technology Rostsel’mash company "Bison". — The main design features include two-stage cleaning system that improves the quality of the grain silo and even better performance.

In the course of studying art farmers noted inclined chamber equipped booster beater, accelerating the mass of the grain before feeding to the threshing machine. Deserve attention straw chopper, working on an improved flowsheet using Chaff. Now mown straw will not fly through the air, and immediately lay down on the ground. Approved and automatic copying of soil topography.

According to engineers Rostselmash combine all items are made from high quality and durable materials with the use of modern technology. Despite the abundance of innovation and increase the capacity of the car became more economical.

Positive evaluation of Acros 590 Plus, received last year from the state acceptance commission on the Kuban MIS, a few days should be confirmed during qualification testing prior to mass production. For the objectivity of the results of the machine pilot batch sent to a farm south of Siberia and central parts of the country.

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