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In the world of caviar is traditionally associated with Russia and Russian cuisine (particularly the pancakes) and Iran (gray caviar).
Iran only allowed to export sturgeon caviar? extracted in the Caspian Sea. An exception is made in view of the fact that Iran has a monopoly on the production of eggs, the violation of which is punishable by penalties up to the death penalty.

The most expensive caviar — Beluga
Hausen — Long-lived fish reaching the age of 100 years. Unlike Pacific salmon die after spawning sturgeon, like other sturgeon may spawn many times in life. After spawning, slipping back into the sea.
Puberty Caspian beluga males reach 13-18 years, and females — 16-27


Ltd. "Rybotovarnaya firm" Diana " — Russia’s largest aquaculture company osetrovodcheskoe. It is located in Kaduyskom Vologda region.
It has set itself the goal to become the world’s largest.

These words are not fixed from the bush :)
For 2011 received 11 tons of caviar.
A country like the United States all the people grows 15 tons.

Full and clear view in this video:…4494/344497/isb151111.mp4


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