Black Sea Fleet will train on the bridge

Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy will be trained on the new simulator "The Bridge", which was put into operation in the Black Sea Fleet Training Center, according to a press release from the Ministry of Defence. The new complex, designed by Russian specialists, is designed to train captains and calculations main command posts. Simulator employees will learn to control single ships or their unit. The structure of "The Bridge" is a computer system that allows you to simulate a ship sailing in bad weather conditions, the straits, when entering and leaving the port.


In this simulator is able to take into account not only the features of the navigation in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, but also in any other region of the world. On the "bridge" can simultaneously engage in calculations of three warships. Development and production of marine simulators such as "The Bridge" is engaged in St. Petersburg company "Transas". In particular, the company has developed a set "Bridge 2000" and "Bridge 2004", allowing to simulate navigation and emergency incidents involving ships and vessels. Which model simulator was installed at the Training Center BSF is not specified. 

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