Black Sea Shipyard took to repair a small scout ship Perejaslav

According to the agreements concluded with the command of the Naval Forces of Ukraine (Naval Forces) "Black Sea Shipbuilding Plant" will take to repair the three ships.

June 19 in the waters of the Black Sea shipyard went small scout ship "Perejaslav" 1824B project to repair the mechanical parts of the ship, special equipment and devices. Experts shipyard plan to repair and put it into operation with the transfer of the Ukrainian Navy in August of this year. Control of the repair work will be carried out by representatives of the Naval Forces of Ukraine.

In early August, after the celebration of the Day of the Navy of Ukraine and combat missions during the exercise "Sea Breeze 2012", the Black Sea shipyard for repairs will take two more ships: large landing ship "Konstantin Olshansky" Project 775 and missile corvette "Dnieper" project 1124.1.

The two ships at the end of November this year, scheduled to enter service of the Ukrainian Navy.

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