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The teeth are on edge all the main criticism of the Belarusian opposition in restricting the rights and freedoms of citizens, freedom of speech and expression does not interfere with his own methods of use and methods of dealing with the "undesirables" on their own resources and Internet sites. For example, it is no secret that the "Charter 97" has long been practicing on your site information "Inquisition" (not only that there is a moderated online comments, so more and complete "censorship" on the unwanted thoughts and words). Such methods against those who disagree with them as "the only true ‘opinion do not stop and many other resources of our" svyadomyh. " However, until recently, amid all this "liberal-democratic freedom of speech" one of the main opposition resources still stood out. This is the "Belarusian partisan". There, in contrast to the above resources, it can be conditionally freely express their opinions on a particular issue (you need to log in by using the services of social networks). And all was well until it came to the "Partizan" wonderful post about two Tractor homosexuals. It was then, and it suffered …


Immediately a couple of words about the publication. The title is symbolic and almost immediately reveals the essence of the lifting problem: "How to love tractor tractor." The very same text of the interview is not recommended reading for children and persons under the age of 18, because there pretty often mate, vulgarity and distortions that are hard to read normal sane person. I carry myself just to those, I can not look at this mess, so I am writing this review. And so. Put it in the "Picture of the Day" on the home page under the heading "Life" at 8:11 20.09.2012 year, which is already talking about the non-randomness of the appearance of the publication. But the fun started after just 1:00. Comments poured from the horn of plenty. Most commentators promise was: "Partisan of that — more to write about???" Someone put it to the editorial office and angrily in the style of the article itself (see screenshot):

There were other opinions, but they are a bit later. Among the commentators, of course, there were both supporters and opponents of the obvious, not only of this publication, but the whole issue of same-sex "love" as a whole. And the fact that the legs of this article are growing much more villages in the Oshmyany district of the Grodno region — it’s a fact. To see this, just go to the site from which actually was taken this news.

Website «» direct all bright and full of titles and descriptions in style: «Gay Day. Where is gay in Russia? »,« Gay Day. With love from Peter! Series tourist postcards advocating same-sex love in the northern capital "or" Loving people of the same sex in a new sanctimonious Russia is again not comme il faut, and simply dangerous. In protest COLTA.RU today announces its own Gay Day. To start Elena Leonova and Ksenia Rachev recorded seven monologues gays and lesbians of different generations from different cities of Russia ".

He did not pass our Republic. The story of "love" two blue-tractor from Belarus recorded for this kind of resource ALLEN jays. However, this is not about that and get back to our best … "Partisans". As already mentioned, the main message of comments were in condemning the "Belarusian partisan" for this repost and its contents. I do not hide that I was there … and homosexual beat :)

Imagine my surprise when, after only half an hour of heated debate, after refreshing the page, many of the comments "as the wind blew." Everything that is written with the soul, and humor from the heart of the site without any warnings and ceremonies stupidly sent to the ban. Actually, like myself :) (see screenshot)

Fortunately for me I did not have time to close the open accidentally duplicate pages with all the comments to the "blue Inquisition." So happy to give you this information. So, as it was … That’s actually the article itself:

And these are the best estimates of readers comments:

Well, this is all news comments to "blue cleansing":


Here is a discussion ensued almost immediately after publication. Its basic meaning and tone can contemplate themselves. Well, in order to compare this version to the fact that there is at the moment, you need to go to the site itself and, as they say, to find 10 differences. By the way, a "fist censorship" moderators got not one I have with your comments and tough stance against such distortions, but also other participants in the debate, whose comments were also cleaned up.

At the expense of sending them to the "bath" I will not say, but knowing how our opposition "tolerant" to the pluralism of opinions on their resources, and in general, I can assume that they were overtaken by the same fate. At the moment, the number of comments has increased and surpassed the over fifty. I will not bother you by repeating them, and read out only the brightest, reflecting, perhaps, the essence of our so-called opposition:

Alexander Sienkiewicz Yesterday at 09:35 "In general, the history classroom and to publish such stories. But, I agree that it is not in this format. mats less … although easy to read, and vital. because people and talk. and thought the correct written "Sex — is a matter of two …. And what is there in my bedroom, my business and not for anyone";

Alex Sheshukov Yesterday at 09:47: "Ha-ha-ha …. Cute story))) And judging by some komentam we to Europe to Moscow as cancer and belly on sandpaper … ";

Yasіnskі Dzyanіs Yesterday at 12:23: "Tsіkavy artykul. Nіchoga here takogogo zhahlіvaga Nyamaa, kalі padabaetstsa you do not, then i ¢ BT glyadzіtse you zaўzhdy buduts tolkі pazіtyўnyya emotsyya and geta realnae zhytstse, Yano not mozha skladatstsa tolkі s TAGO INTO prymayuts vashy pryntsypy. I mean, INTO redneck belaruskamu tsyazhka chytats right geyaў, navat prezydent yes getaga netsyarpіma adnosіtstsa. Ale hocham zhyts we have demakratyі, Tamu treba pakazvats truncated bakі nashaga gramatstva, tolkі so we have mozham zrazumets yakoy we kraіne zhyvem; i Chim over us treba pratsavats";

american spy Yesterday at 21:47 "Our society is not sufficiently developed to adequately perceive such articles. In our society protsvitaet racism, nationalism and inadequate increasingly inferiority complex. "

Well, what can I say according to the statements?! .. Our "svyadomyya" has always stood out in a certain caste of "specially developed" individuals. However, such topics as the litmus test lowered into alkali, paint it and show a reaction. That’s just from the chemistry lessons I remember that the color of color in the paper was purple, and the color of our opposition and all those adjacent to them begins, clearly BLUE :). And that arrogance, hatred and malice with which "zmagary" refers to our society in general makes you wonder about their sanity and relevance as a whole. Because if in general
the comments some "personality" allow themselves to remarks about people in style "redneck belaruskamu tsyazhka chytats right geyaў" or "Our society is not sufficiently developed to adequately perceive such articles. In our society protsvitaet racism, nationalism and inadequate increasingly inferiority complex" you can imagine what the future (God forbid!) will have us, our children and Belarus in general, come to power, these people are insane.

By the same insane to say. If you are not trying to squeeze into the soul of the people and change its values and spiritual and ideological codes, you will not be able to do it! Please note that it is still silent 80% Orthodox and 14% Catholics in Belarus. And if you think its disgusting article about gays, "krestopovalami" and wild dancing in the pulpit will achieve something, you’re wrong. As history tells us, in times of attacks on us and our soul (and the shares — just from this opera), people have always found the strength to resist the enemy. And it will be given, do not hesitate!

As for the "Belarusian Partisan", here I can only congratulate fellow Sheremet with access to a new stage of "development" :) You are moving in the right direction. Keep it up! "Bright" European future for you as never close. It only remains to place on the site of the "Belarusian partisan" banner of some gay club. Concerning Bans and stripping: I can safely put an equal sign — "Charter 97" = "Belarusian partisan". As the saying goes, two of a kind — a couple :) You ask, "But what about freedom of speech?" This is quite natural question answer words from the movie "Election Day" (movie)

Banned by Vasyl Parkhomenko



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