BMD-4 adopted an Airborne

  • BMD-4.  Photo from
  • BMD-4. Photo from

Decision on adoption of a Russian Airborne Forces combat vehicle BMD-4 is accepted. On this, as reported RIA Novosti, said Saturday in a radio station "Echo of Moscow" Russian hero commander of the 31st Guards separate air assault brigade Navy Colonel Gennady Anashkin.

According to him, the BMD-4, "a machine that has a long waiting airborne, the car completely different generation," will still be to come into service. Anashkin hoped that the new equipment entering service as soon as possible. However, he noted that the fact that the armed forces and, in particular, the Navy switched to wheeled vehicles, with "KamAZ" and "Ural", "is a positive factor.

Confirm or deny this information from official sources yet. Nor is it clear whether the colonel spoke in general about the BMD-4 or BMD-4M.

It was originally planned that the BMD-4M, an upgraded version of the BMD-4, will enter the army in 2010. In this case, it was reported that in the army at that time was already a small number of these machines. However, in August 2012, Alexander Sukhorukov, who at the time was the deputy defense minister, said the armored vehicle BMD-4M does not meet the requirements put forward by the Russian military department, and will not be purchased.

The upgraded BMD-4M is different from the BMD-4 new body, engine, chassis and other elements. Because of this the designers managed to increase mobility, manageability, reliability and throughput fighting machine. BMD-4M is also equipped with combat module "Bakhcha-U" design Tula "Instrument Design Bureau". A similar module is used and BMD-4. He, in particular, is equipped with a 100-millimeter quick-firing gun, 30-mm automatic cannon and coaxial 7.62-mm machine gun. Series machines BMD-4 is also the first time got to his arsenal guided missiles. The design allows the crew to parachute from aircraft from inside the troop compartment.

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