BMZ has received a certificate for the initial batch of locomotives Knight

Bryansk Engineering Plant (BMZ, is part of ZAO "Transmashholding") has received a certificate of compliance for the initial batch of Russian mainline freight locomotives 2TE25A new generation of "Hero". This was reported by the Department of Public Relations of the holding. This was reported by news agency «INFOLine» (
Certificate issued by a recognized government body — the Register of certification by the federal railways (RSFZHT) following certification tests. The document covers the initial batch of locomotives with number 3 to number 25, is valid until 15.12.2013 year and gives the right to operate the locomotives on the tracks 2TE25A public JSC "Russian Railways". In 2009, the first phase of certification of the initial batch of locomotives were certified first two locomotives.
2TE25A locomotive number 3, which passed certification tests in the test centers accredited in RSFZHT significantly improved compared with the first two cars. At this locomotive traction motors are installed, made especially for this series of locomotives at the Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant, also a part of the TransMashHolding. On the locomotive used separate routing power cables and control circuits. The cables from the traction converters for asynchronous traction motors packed in steel boxes grounded. To connect them with the traction motors used Jumper jumper. The locomotive used shielded power cable made in Switzerland. Certified "Hero" has a new security UNIT used instead of the club. The locomotive has modernized traction converters with forced cooling of each individual channel. This increases the service life and reliability. Applied a more advanced fire-fighting system. To prolong the life of the locomotive wheel sets used bandages increased thickness. Used stand-alone system of additional heating cab that runs on diesel fuel regardless of the generator or batteries.
2TE25A — Russia’s first mainline freight locomotive with asynchronous traction motors. Operational testing of the "Vityaz" showed that the traction characteristics, it significantly exceeds the locomotives, which are operated by JSC "Russian Railways". In 2007, during the test, "Knight" was successfully held at the site Bryansk — Eagle train a total weight of 7.5 tonnes (the capacity of the main freight locomotive of "Russian Railways" 2TE10M is 5200 tons). The transition to the mass use of such cars will significantly increase the average weight of diesel trains landfill Russian rail network, will reduce the number of "bottlenecks", will improve the efficiency of operation of the infrastructure and reduce the time of delivery.
Modern technical solutions that have been tested on 2TE25A, will be used to develop a promising family of Russian locomotives, the creation of which will begin in 2011.
In 2011, BMZ will be made five locomotives (10 sections) 2TE25A. According to the production plan, they will be issued in the period from April to December.

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