BMZ put the game shunting locomotives at the Ulan Bator Railway

January 21, 2011 at Bryansk Engineering Plant managers Ulan Bator Railway, took a party of 5 shunting locomotives TEM18DM.

Diesel models TEM18DM — is the engine with the upgraded driver’s cabin with two remote operator with an electronic controller, the installation of microclimate system, which includes heating, ventilation and air conditioning, microprocessor control and diagnostics, electric brake rheostat. Uses an electrically heated glass, plastic trim. Compared to the earlier series locomotives in operation TEM18DM produces fuel savings (relative to TEM18 to 17 tons per year) and provides a reduction of other operating expenses.

BMZ Director General Anatoly Zadorozhnyj noted that all locomotives manufactured for Mongolia, were "hot run-in", that is the test in the real world on track Railways.

Park Ulan Bator railway has 59 locomotives, including shunting locomotives TEM2 made at BMZ few decades ago.

In total, in 2011 BMZ make for Ulan Bator Road 7 locomotives TEM18DM. In addition, this year TransMashHolding put in Mongolia 30 mainline freight locomotives 2TE116UM

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