BOD Vice-Admiral Kulakov and BDK Nikolai Phylchenkov ‘conduct in the Mediterranean joint exercise.

Today in the Mediterranean large anti-submarine ship (BOD) of the Northern Fleet, "Vice-Admiral Kulakov" and a large landing ship (BDK), Black Sea Fleet, "Nikolai Phylchenkov" that are part of the task group of ships of the Russian Navy will begin testing of the main types of interaction when performing common tasks .

Crews will perform a joint maneuvers, carried out by scientists at the organization due to submission of signals in accordance with international standards of radio. In addition, the training provided by the struggle for survival of the ship into the sea and a number of activities of search and rescue support.
The large anti-submarine ship "Vice-Admiral Kulakov" in June was replaced by another ship of the Northern Fleet — BOD "Severomorsk", carrying out tasks within the group mezhflotskoy Russian Navy ships in the Mediterranean.

Of the Northern Fleet’s main base of Severomorsk BOD "Vice-Admiral Kulakov" was released on May 11. During the long cruise ship of the Northern Fleet became a member of the international exercise "POMOR 2013", has visited the ports of Bergen (Norway). Liverpool (UK) and Lisbon (Portugal).

During the long voyage BOD "Vice-Admiral Kulakov" left astern of more than 7,000 nautical miles.

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