BOD Vice-Admiral Kulakov SF returned to the base of the far


The large anti-submarine ship (BPK), "Vice-Admiral Kulakov" Northern Fleet (NF), has arrived in the main base of the Federation Council, having made the transition across the Atlantic. According to the report of the commander of the BOD Captain 1st Rank Stanislaus Varika, the personnel of healthy, all the tasks a long voyage the crew successfully executed.
 Hike the ship began May 11, 2013, the crew spent in the sea more than 140 days, leaving behind the stern about 27 thousand nautical miles. The personnel of the BOD "Vice-Admiral Kulakov" became a member of the international exercise "POMOR 2013". During its long cruise ship crew has participated in events mezhflotskogo interaction, during which carried out a number of tasks within the group of ships of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean and in the detachment of Russian navy ships in the Atlantic.

As part of a long voyage ship has a number of business calls at foreign ports: Bergen (Norway), Liverpool (UK), Lisbon (Portugal), Limassol (Cyprus), Havana (Cuba).

After a detailed analysis long cruise fleet command will decide on the promotion of distinguished military personnel. Top sailors from the crew of BOD "Vice-Admiral Kulakov" award will be presented to both departmental and state awards.

Now the crew will be given time to rest, recuperate and technical training of the ship.

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